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New Harvest Offerings

Our farm fresh special blend Sour Elektranama is almost all gone! As of 11/8 we are now offering Forbidden CBDV as well! These olive oil-based tinctures consist of landrace cannabinoids and some of our most potent terpene profiles to date.

We know the best way to get you the right hemp strain is to use your nose! So we are now offering a a cost efficient way to bring the market experience to you!  THis sampler brings you 7 of our most beneficial strains! Free shipping : )  ORDER NOW

Leah Gage

Extremely affordable Price for intensely intentional medicine. Your master brewer takes so much care into creating this High Frequency product, pouring hours and hours of research, cross examination and pre trials for each specific harvest of each specific strand. Batches are intentionally made in alignment with stars and moon.

Each brew has overarching qualities and then specific ones for your particular challenges. I highly recommend sharing what you are specifically looking for as the advice you are going to get will be honest and not caring to just push a product on you. You can tell that Hohmmade CBD cares most of all to share their  love of this amazing plant with the world, and support themselves if possible in the process. This is definitely not a get rich scheme and he spends much time researching prices to be able to provide ALL with this medicine.

Specifically to my own challenges: chronic body pain/ nerve pain, often brain fog and challenges with hormonal balances ( altogether this means it can be challenging to start one's day off with a "clean slate", happy countenance). As I had quit smoking for some time due to anxiety and intense physical reactions, I was very cautious to reintroduce any type of cannabinoid into my direct system. Again, Hohmmade CBD was extremely helpful in counseling, comforting and meeting me where I was at in this process. I had started applying topical cream to help with my body pain and finally worked myself up to trying ingesting CBD oil as I was seeing and hearing so much about its benefits for conditions similar to mine. However, the oil I purchased that was marketed to me as the owner of the company having been "cured" from Lyme disease with it did not seem to produce any type of noticeable results. If anything I may have felt worse? This made me think it was maybe some type of marketing ploy.

I started using a very small dose of the @Hohm-made blue dream tincture and then grew my intake as I noticed no adverse side affects and if anything I felt my body wanting more, so I went with it. At the same time, I was able while taking this every morning and evening, within a couple days, start my days with a new focus and delight and felt supported in making healthy choices for me. (daily yoga routine, no alcohol, meditation, reflection).

I felt more focused.

I have also taken it upon feeling nauseous and have felt relieved after.

Altogether I really think this is an amazing product and seller and I can full heartedly say that I trust them fully.

Rachel Phelos

"I am a big fan and recommend Hohm made to anyone using CBD. The quality is UNMATCHED to such a degree I will never get my CBD elsewhere. I have shared this with many others and we all appreciate the use from migraines to chronic pains to sleep disturbances. Quality product Highly recommended." 


NIcholas F.

I know that a lot of people have heard of the medicinal benefits of using CBD oil, but it can be very expensive. Some companies take advantage of this lucrative market because it can be an effective medicine for treating anxiety, stress, insomnia, as well as more serious conditions such as epilepsy. It can be used effectively to treat inflammation and pain applied directly to the source of pain. Thanks to a bill passed in 2014, hemp derived CBD is legal in all 50 states. I wanted to recommend a business run by a friend i made at one of my favorite happy healthy places, The Healthy Buddah 2 on Fairbanks ave in Winter Park. Hohm-made cbd is run by my pal Kik Nardin. and as someone who has found CBD to be truly helpful in managing anxiety and panic attacks, as well as moderating pain from driving, everyday achiness, and falling asleep when my nerves would rather i was kicking off my covers, i would recommend that you try some of Kik's special Hohm-Made CBD products. For one, they are priced quite fairly, and much more affordable than what you would find in health stores around you. For two, i personally love supporting honest businesses and my friends, and Kik will apply that personalized care to your order that you deserve. For three, the product works! It is good effective stuff, and tastes pretty darn good for oil. I've had some weird tasting CBD products and KIk's is my favorite so far. I really think this medicine helps people, and i would not recommend anyone something i would not stand behind, and CBD has been really helpful for me, and if you already use it or are considering it, check out Hohm-made cbd. (Alot of people may not know this, but if you make your own dog treats, CBD is safe for them and helps them relax too!)

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