If you are like us, you want to know what goes on in the kitchen and how things are grown on the farm. You've come to the right place. Let us tell you about it.

There are many methods of farming and extracting hemp. We at Hohm-Made CBD have a very specific preference for our oils. 

First we start with our preferred growing methods. As of today, we do not own our own farm. So what we do is source our hemp from farms that seek to create ultimate harmony with the ecosystem and collaborate with what you would label "permaculture" and "biodynamic" farming methods to meet our standards. Both of these ways of farming also create what we believe to be optimal health levels for these plants while only utilizing the materials that have been generated on the farm. That means that there aren't store bought fertilizers or pesticides. In fact, these plants are typically so healthy that they do not require even organic pesticides at all. If you are unfamiliar with these types of farming methods we encourage you to look into them further if you feel called. 

That brings us to our preferred way of extracting the hemp we source from these types of farms. Just as having a relationship with our farmer is important so is having one with the flower we process. When we can we will go to the farm and help harvest the flower. We will strip the hemp of its leaves and stems and take the most potent part, the colas. From there we rinse the colas in 100% organic food grade ethanol or rosin press the colas with a little heat and pressure, squeezing the flowers of their medicinal nectars. We consider these methods to be the most beneficial means of extraction. Ethanol extraction is one of the oldest known methods of herbal extraction. Rosin extractions are free from solvents and have a high flavor and terpene retention.  We distill our ethanol extracts as a final act of removing the ethanol and leaving behind a resin that is then infused into an organic fractionated coconut oil. We believe coconut oil to be the only oil that binds with the constituants of the cola resin in an efficient way. But we also realize that mct oil is not for everyone so if you would like to request a small batch infued in an alternative oil let us know. 


Most of the tools we use are common kitchen items aside from our rosin-pressing machine. You could do ethanol extracts at home if you desired. And we would be more than happy to help guide you as we believe that community and doing yourself at home is important. Just realize that handling 100% ethanol will require an understanding of precautions as it is highly flammable and combustable.


We are a small batch company. We commonly make an average of 100kmg of oil at a time which is stored in amber-colored glass containers with metal lids until purchased. 

 Each bottle has a shelf life of at least one year  from its DOB for maximum potency.



We cannot explain how our full spectrum oil seems to be more potent than some companies that utilize very expensive equipment and 'advanced' methods of extraction but we know we have something special to offer you. And we are happy that we can make it affordable to those that use it long term and short. 


All our products are both child and pet-friendly. Just like us. : )