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     What type of mission-based company are we you might ask. A company whose priorities include being aware of its impact on the community and environment through its day-to-day practices and also utilizes a part of its profits to support communities that help restore the fruits of the vine.

     It is our goal at Hohmmade CBD to not only provide the most naturally grown and mindfully-processed products but to also help foster environments for our children and our families to gather and grow.  

     How do we do this? By supporting

biodynamic/permaculture-based farmers for our plant material & extracting with organic ethanol or live rosin presses. We also help communities/home-schools that are fostering spaces for families and their children to mindfully connect back to nature and each other. Places such as Sage Valley in Indiana that provide summer camps at no cost to the community. 



"Let all that you do be done in love"


            Thank you for your support!

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