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The way we sell hemp is a little different then you might be used to. 

Usually we recommend you smell the hemp flower that you are considering consuming in both oil and flower form before choosing the strain for you. This recommendation is based off a Harvard University study that made a connection between your sense of smell and your body's needs.

What each flower smells like is unique to your personal senses. Your attraction to it's scent means your body is saying yes while deriving an unpleasant smell can mean your body does not need that particular strain. The terpenes are what give each flower both its scent and also possess medicinal properties that work in synergy with its cannabinoid profile.

However you can also find a strain that may work for you well simply by looking at its terpene profile. Each strain has a highlighted dominant terpenes profile in it's description when you click on it's picture. A more detailed lab testing can be found in the picture section as well.

We find that the effectiveness of each terpene can be relative to the amount of that terpene in each strain,

We talk about strains but what does that mean exactly you might wonder, Well just like there are many varieties of apples or mangos, we offer many varieties of hemp strains. Each hemp strain has a unique profile of cannabinoids and terpenes that enable us to know more about how it can effect our minds and bodies.. We believe that the terpene profiles of each hemp strain can help determine the effects it will have on you. Of course there are some of us that may not have the same predicted effects i.e some of us can drink coffee and go straight to bed while others will be up all night. If you know where you stand on this dynamic it will help in your selection

Lastly, consider what method of delivery and strength (if considering an oil) will best serve your goals.


Our oils are universal in that they can be used topically, sublingually, & orally.

Each terpene has a preferred delivery method so-to-speak just as each goal has one as well. Knowing what that is will aid in utilizing the hemp to its fullest potential. Feel free to reach out to us for consultation.

Selecting the strength is equally crucial to meeting your goals. Not everyone needs the highest strength oil. But it does last longer in such a case if you use less of it.  We generally offer two strengths, 4G and 8G. 20G is a bigger bottle of the 8G strength. We measure our oil by the gram of flower utilized i.e. a 4G oil is made from 4 grams of flower. 8g=8 grams.


From your feedback we find that 4G is sufficient enough in strength for most goals that are not chronic or autoimmune, Alternatively 8G would be more suitable for those general categories.

If you desire to focus on a particular cannabinoid content a simple math equation will be required, Feel free to email us on that subject and we can help guide you.

WIth all that said, below is our product selection. We hope you find everything you are looking for. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help.

Some of our ethanol extracts are currently offered in both mct & olive base oils.

{organic}Ethanol-Extracted OIls

*There may be trace amounts of ethanol left in our extract oils*

Specialty Blends

Specialty blends are oils consisting of multiple hemp strains of your choosing.

Currently we offer (2) and (3) strain combinations in both 4G and 8G strengths.

   Loose FLower & Tea


Bulk Oils

Looking for a discount on a larger quantity of oil? Our bulk buy is your best bet! 
2.5 ounces of oil at 8G strength. If you would like to enquire about a higher strength please contact us via email at for pricing. 

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