The way we sell hemp is a little different then you might be used to. 

Usually we recommend you smell the hemp flower that you are considering consuming. This is because your sense of smell is connected to your health needs.

What each flower smells like is unique to your senses as well. SO, what you smell is a personal connection to your own body's needs. If your body is asking you to consume the hemp flower, it will signal this by appealing to your senses. 

If your body does not need it, it will not be appealing to your senses or can even have a neutral smell.

This procedure will work for tasting our oil as well. ONe of the many reasons we do not add additional flavorings to our oils.

Next, just like there are many varieties of apples, we offer a variety of hemp strains. Each hemp strain has a unique profile that enables you to know more about what it can be used for. We believe that the terpene profiles of each hemp strain can strongly determine the effects it will have on you. The terpenes are what your nose is sensing when you smell the hemp flower. For this reason we have included terpene reports in each hemps strains profile. 

Lastly, consider what method of delivery and strength (if considering an oil) will best serve your goals.


Our oils are universal in that they can be used topically, sublingually, & orally.

Each terpene has a preferred delivery method so-to-speak just as each goal has one as well. 

ALso when considering an oil strength of the oil can be important. We measure our oil differently then most. INstead of measuring by cbd content alone we measure by weight of flower i.e. a 4000mg oil is made of 4 grams of flower.

If you desire to focus on cbd alone you will need to look at the COA report for the strain you are interested in and calculate the cbd content by multiplying the percentage by the number of grams in the oil.

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WIth all that said, below is our product selection. We hope you find everything you are looking for. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help.

Some of our ethanol extracts are currently offered in both mct & olive base oils.

LiVe rosin extract oils

Organic Ethanol-Extracted OIls

*There is little to no ethanol left in finished product*