Our best offer for hemp strain exploration!


Give your friends, your family, and even yourself an opportunity to find the strain that works best for your unique cannabinoid systems. This package offers a variety of our favorite strains to choose from. Each possessing a unique genetic make-up and taste. There will surely be one that sends your taste buds into a frenzy! That will be your best match!


All strains will be in the strengths of 3000-4000mg. 


Space Kush: Internally a great stress reliever

Charlote's WIne: A hybrid that is either day or night fitted. 

Hawaiian Haze: A Sativa dominant energy boosting variety.

Charlote's Space WIne: A 50/50 combination of Space Kush and Charlotte's WIne.

Hawaiian Space Kush: A combination of Hawaiian Haze and Space Kush

Suver Haze: Hybrid. Great for daytime use. Erases mind chatter. Presently focused. 



Each strain comes in a 15ml glass dropper bottle with 10ml of oil in it.


4 Pack Sampler (4g)