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Creation Date: 03/12/21

Base Oil: MCT

Extraction Type: Organic Ethanol


P.M. Lifter is a decendant of Special Sauce and Neville Haze. It was crossed with ERB makng it more resinous which is ideal for making oils. This strain was grown biodynamically outdoors in Maine.


I pick up aromas of pine and berries. There is also this subtle sweetness lingering that I take away from it as well.


A hybrid variety with Indica dominant traits i.e. high myrcene & beta-caryophyllene.


Terpene profile:


The most dominant terpenes in for this strain are:


beta-Myrcene: Antiseptic/Analgesic/Antimicrobial/Antioxidant/Anti-carcinogen/Muscle relaxant/antimutagenic/anti-inflammatory/antibiotic


Alpha-Bisabolol:Antibiotic/anti-infection/anti-cancer cell/anti-insomnia/anti-anxiety/anti-inflammatory/immune system boosting/anti-irritant/anti-microbial


alpha-humulene: Anti-tumor/Appetite suppressant/pain-relief/anti-inflammatory


Other strong terpenes:


alpha-Pinene:Anti-cancer properties/Anti-inflammatory/Bronchodilator — especially when working in synergy with THC/antibiotic properties — highly effective against MRSA when working in synergy with the cannabinoids CBD and CBN/Increases alertness and counteracts some of the ill-effects of THC such as anxiety/Works to improve benefits with the entourage effect on cannabinoids like THC/Can decrease oil production in overly oily skin/Nuero-protective(Memory)/Anti-inflammatory/Anti-microbial




1oz glass dropper bottle

P.M. Lifter 4G (1FLoz (ETH)

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