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Weighing in at 3 strains per bottle, we bring to you our farm fresh special blend Sour Elektranama! This olive oil-based tincture consists of the landrace Panama Red, Sour G CBG, and one of our highest & widest spectrum medicinallly-rich terpene profile strains,  Sour Elektra. This batch was not only extracted with organic ethanol but also with ultrasonic frequencies.  Be sure to check out all of our COA's on these strains and check out the Lab RX page to see the impact they will have on your body.  Supplies are limited on this batch! 



Dominant Cannabinoids:

CBDA(134mg/g) : Cancer anti-proliferative/anti-tumor/anti-inflammatory

CBG (107mg/g): pain reliever(anti-nociceptive)/anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/promotes bone growth

CBC(6.3mg/g): Pain reliever/anti-inflammatory/bone growth stimulator/causes cancer cell apoptosis

THCA(5.8mg/g): Nueroprotectant(i.e. MS,alzheimers,parkinsons)/appetite stimulant/anti-inflammatory(gut)/anti-seizure/anti-cancer(prostate)/anti-emetic(nausea/vomiting)


Dominant Terpenes:


Myrcene(5.9mg/g): Antiseptic/Analgesic/Antimicrobial/Antioxidant/Anti-carcinogen/Muscle relaxant/antimutagenic/anti-inflammatory/antibiotic

Terpinolene (4mg/g): Sedative(when inhaled)/anxiety & Insomnia Relief: central nervous system depressant, which can cause drowsiness and bring forth sleep as well as calm the body down to relieve tenseness and stress associated with anxiety/Antibacterial and antimicrobial activity by slowing the growth of bacteria as well as fungi/Anticancer: anti-proliferation properties.] ability to downregulate cell proteins that can reduce the spread of cancer in the body as well as the generation of cancerous neuroblastoma cells.

Alpha-Pinene(2.9 mg/g): Anti-cancer properties/Anti-inflammatory/Bronchodilator — especially when working in synergy with THC/antibiotic properties — highly effective against MRSA when working in synergy with the cannabinoids CBD and CBN/Increases alertness and counteracts some of the ill-effects of THC such as anxiety/Works to improve benefits with the entourage effect on cannabinoids like THC/Can decrease oil production in overly oily skin/Nuero-protective(Memory)/Anti-inflammatory/Anti-microbial

Beta-caryophyllene(2.1mg/g): Inflammatory pain relief, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, nueroprotective, anti-fungal, stress-reducing, nerve pain

Beta-pinene(1mg/g): Shows cytotoxic activity towards cancer cells/Anti-bacterial/Anti depressant.

Sour Elektranama 8G

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