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This strain is very sedative-like due to its high contemt of terpenoline. A great pick for around bedtime.

It's high myrcene content also makes it great to relax those muscles. Highest myrcene and terpenoline strain we currently have in stock.


Dominant terpenes:


Myrcene (10.5mg/g): Antiseptic/Analgesic/Antimicrobial/Antioxidant/Anti-carcinogen/Muscle relaxant/antimutagenic/anti-inflammatory/antibiotic

Terpinolene (6.8mg/g):Anxiety & Insomnia Relief: central nervous system depressant, which can cause drowsiness and bring forth sleep as well as calm the body down to relieve tenseness and stress associated with anxiety.Antibacterial:  and antimicrobial activity by slowing the growth of bacteria as well as fungi. Anticancer:  anti-proliferation properties. ]ability to downregulate cell proteins that can reduce the spread of cancer in the body as well as the generation of cancerous neuroblastoma cells.

A_Pinene (2.6mg/g): : Anti-cancer properties/Anti-inflammatory/Bronchodilator — especially when working in synergy with THC/antibiotic properties — highly effective against MRSA when working in synergy with the cannabinoids CBD and CBN/Increases alertness and counteracts some of the ill-effects of THC such as anxiety/Works to improve benefits with the entourage effect on cannabinoids like THC/Can decrease oil production in overly oily skin/Nuero-protective(Memory)/Anti-inflammatory/Anti-microbial

Trans-caryophyllene (1.6mg/g): Anti-inflammatory, lymph node swelling reducer

D-Limonene (1.4mg/g):Nausea reliever, Mood enhancer, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-carcinogenic,major anti-asthma

B-pinene (1.11mg/g): Shows cytotoxic activity towards cancer cells. Anti-bacterial. Anti-depressant.



Biodynamically grown by HMH

Harvest Date: OCt. 2021

30ml glass dropper bottle

Sour Pineapple (4G) (30ml)

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